A Saturday well-spent

For many of us, Saturdays are the perfect opportunity to wind down after five days of work. Sometimes, we have so many things to do in just two days (Sundays included), but since Sundays mostly involve ‘Family Time’ in Malta – where relatives all visit one Nanna’s place and gossip and chat on their lives – here are some things you could do on Saturday to make it worthwhile…


This one is especially for the ladies. Shopping is not necessarily a leisure thing; for those who work the default 9-5 job, grocery shopping is probably the last thing on their mind after a whole day of working, so Saturday is Grocery Day for them.

Catch up with Friends

Saturday night is the perfect time to catch up with your friends after a long week without seeing them. This can take place in various manners: maybe grab a few drinks or a nice meal at Paceville or a place with a view such as Mdina or Smart City.


Did you see a recipe video on Facebook and wanted to try it for yourself but had no time? Well, use your Saturday to try and cook the recipe then! You have time to buy the ingredients in the morning, cook/bake all afternoon and taste your delicacy in the evening! Also perfect to show off with your friends.

To-Do List

Stuck on the errands you need to do after work? Any appointments or meetings you need to make for the following week? Then you should spend an hour or two on Saturday to sort out what you need to do the following week.


You don’t have to be an Ernest or JK to write. And writing does not necessarily have to be in story form. Write a letter to a relative or friend, start your own blog, vent your work frustrations on paper or laptop. Simple but very effective.

Watch a Movie/Series

As a cinephile and TV series junkie, this is what 90% of my Saturdays consist of. There are several websites where you can watch old and current movies and series. Plus, there are a LOT of good series being aired at the moment. Saturday is the day to catch up with them. So grab a glass of wine, some snacks and watch the night away!


If you’re too tired to go to the gym after work, you could buy a 1-day gym subscription. Or if you can’t be bothered with going out on Saturday, you can break a sweat from the comfort of your home! There are a lot of trainers that post workout videos on Youtube.


A more relaxing alternative to going to the gym, yoga does not only calm you mentally and physically, but has several health benefits, including flexibility and lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.


The more relaxing option for a Saturday well spent: reading. Whether it’s an old classic or a modern coming-of-age novel, or even an interesting article on a magazine or blog. Make yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, sit comfortably on your sofa or – better yet – cosy up in your bed and take yourself on a literary journey.

About the author

Claire Attard is a full-time LSA by profession, and writes in her own free time. She enjoys keeping up with current affairs, shopping, working out and drinking tea.