Meeting with Iva Lovrekovic

Iva Lovrekovic, is a theoretical physicist who currently working in the higher spin theory with background in higher derivative gravity theories, in particular conformal gravity.

We meet with Iva in relation to a very different aspect, that of her art.

She started with it during primary and high school, with drawings that were on school exhibitions or art colonies, weekly drawings for the entry hall in her small town church where each drawing had to describe that week’s gospel. That is where she first got to know the works of old masters. These “homework’s” made her search through books and the internet to find the characters that could be appropriately incorporated in the picture. She distinctively remembers loving Gericault and his “The Raft of the Medusa” which she still thinks is awesome. The tension in the muscles of the characters on the painting, its dynamic and, composition, all define a wonderful work of art. The first more serious step towards art was when she went to study different painting techniques in the art club “Paleta” trying out from various pencils, charcoal, crayons, turpentine, aquarel and oil paintings, which was really useful.

At this club she drew her first proper paintings and crayon drawings. The logical choice was to continue with the fine arts academy but she was too scared of it since everyone kept saying it was hard to get in and that the life of an artist was uncertain. She then decided to follow her other dream, that of studying physics.

It turned out that after finishing physics she wanted an art degree, and since the arts academy still seemed unrealistic she went to for a two year school in studio Tanay, followed by the academy.

But all this enthusiasm was and is faced with the fact that being an artist is anything but safe living with pay check every month as most of the people is used to. Due to that, after a year and a half, she went to do a PhD in physics in Vienna where she works and lives now.

She has since drawn a number of portraits. She drew her friends and colleagues at different stages of their lives. She also went through a period of drawing dancers and drawings inspired by water. Another series, included storms, intended to represent the power of natural events, while simultaneously being very interesting to draw. Despite the human technology there are natural phenomena and environmental effects from the tiny to large scales that we are unable to control, or those that due to our neglect threaten to deteriorate us (I am thinking of climate change here).


The latest infatuation she has taken up is with the hyperrealistic art. She took a workshop by Dirk Dzimirsky to find out more about his techniques. Her current works are mostly studies of particular facial features and/or want to express particular characteristic, emotion of the person on the portrait, or accent the emotion in general.


Throughout her life all the other things changed, but art is something that stayed. We guess it is just her optimal energy state!