How writing about Mental Health Changed my Life

Claire Attard from Claire’s POV blog takes us through her journey with mental health and writing.

Up until last year, I didn’t think I would be a mental health advocate and blogger. And yet, here I am. This past year I have written articles and blog posts and also gave a talk at the University of Malta about my journey and recovery from depression.

Reflecting on this, I realise how much my life changed since I wrote about my depression for the first time. I think it’s because I “came clean” about the grudges in my life, and it acquired a new meaning from then on. The pain and suffering I endured now have meaning, reason and purpose.

I have never felt so free and alive.

Let me put one thing out there that is very important: coming clean about your story will NOT cure your illnesses. I still have bad days and it would be a miracle if I actually get out of bed. I still have days in which I beg my mind to shut up with the thoughts.
I’m still who I was last year, but I’m not anymore.

Speaking my mind and living life in an honest way when it comes to who I am, how I feel and I portray myself to be towards others helped me find honesty in myself. I found a way where I don’t have to deny my battles out of the fear that they make me feel worth less than others.

Most importantly, I found a place in which I feel safe, understood and not alone. I’ve shared my story to find that many people I knew actually struggled with similar things as me. There and then, I found out we are all in this together, a community; we are in this battle together.

Our stories may seem different, and what triggers us may change, but we are all trying to take every breath every second and tell our mind that life is worth living.

You are not alone. Stay strong.