Meeting with Hon. Etienne Grech

Today we meeting with Hon. Etienne Grech. Hon. Grech is a family doctor who has also served as Vice-Mayor of Fgura for a number of years and is a regular writer on the national media on political and also medical topics. Hon. Grech first contested the general elections of 2008 and was first elected to Parliament in March 2013. Hon. Grech defines leadership as follows: Leadership is when a gifted person has most of the qualities required for him or her to convince his/her followers in a group both those who are close to the leader and those who are beyond to keep together and follow a particular set of changes which have to be brought about within the group of people be it a small number, bigger number or even an entire population.

A leader whom Hon. Grech has admired, is our prime minister who has the vision to bring about the changes needed in our country both in economical and social spheres. His decision making both when they are popular or when not so popular (though required to bring positive change) is impeccable , dynamic and courageous. Hon. Grech mentions two other influential leaders; Tony Blair, the ex-British Prime minister who was and is pro-European while bringing vast social and other reforms in the UK. There is also Winston Churchill, an ex-British Prime minister who courageously followed the route of fighting the invading mighty enemy rather than appeasing it. He was successful in liberating western Europe from tyranny. His rhetoric and quotes are especially inspiring for me today as they were to the UK and its commonwealth in his days.

Hon. Grech’s defining leadership moment was when he was part of a team of progressive and moderate politicians trying to convince an electorate that our country needed a series of reforms as it was following a decadent direction. The election was one with unprecedented success. Where defining moments for Malta in the past 10 years are the voting in of Dr Joseph Muscat as the leader of Labour Party and the astounding electoral victory in the subsequent general election. There is also to mention the preparation and smooth running of the Maltese Presidency of the European council.

Finally, Hon. Grech mentions his wife and those people who believe in his potential as the people who help him be a better person and leader. For those who want to get into politics, he notes that it entails hard work and personal sacrifice and that people’s interests come before your personal interest.