Meeting with Francesca Mifsud

We meet with Best Model of the World Malta 2016, Francesca Mifsud. She is currently studying for a Law degree at the University of Malta. 

We ask her how she found herself in the modelling industry. 

My passion for modelling started when I was lucky enough to see my aunt being crowned as the 39th Miss Malta, back in 2002. Even though I was only 6 years old at the time, I was hooked onto the glamour and grace that surrounded beauty pageants.  That same year, my mum enrolled me into sports, specifically basketball. I practiced basketball for 12 years, and represented Malta in a number of tournaments as part of the Basketball National Team. However, my passion for fashion was always something I wanted to pursue, and always asked the question of whether I had the right skill-set to succeed in the industry.

What do you think of the fashion industry in Malta?

I have always been a fan of the fashion industry, from both a high fashion and commercial perspective, to the beauty pageants.  The fashion industry in Malta has been flourishing year after year, both from a modelling and designer perspective, and I believe that it will continue to flourish thanks to the level of talent this beautiful little island continues to produce.

What tips would you give anyone starting in this field?

There are so many things I have learnt and would like to share from my experiences in order to advise a prospective model who wishes to pursue modelling. However, if I had to mention a few of the most important, these would be them:

Do what you love – I for one, was always a bit sceptical as to what people would say about my new changed path. However, I was always taunted with the ‘what if?’ question. I couldn`t possibly live with that, and therefore I gathered some courage and after years of conflicting thoughts with myself and how I will be perceived, I went into my very first audition.

Criticism – it is a tough industry. Some may critic you to help you advance as a model, while some just do it out of bad intentions. Critic may come when you least expect it, whether right before you hit the stage, or during a friendly conversation, it may come from a client, or from a fellow model. Just stay strong and do not let anyone bring you down.

Stay true to yourself – never accept work that you are not comfortable doing. It is alright to have a line that you do not want to cross.

Research – before accepting a job, do some research about the person hiring you, and ask questions about the photographer, location, clothes, hair and make-up, and most of all, the purpose of the shoot and where will the photos be utilized.

Finally, can models really make a living out of this profession?

With regards to the fashion industry in Malta, although modelling comes with a paycheque, it is not enough to earn a living. I believe it is a good part-time job for students, like myself, to earn a little cash while studying.

In turn, if one has the right attributes to become an international model, I am convinced that modelling can become a full time profession. Always keep in mind that the fashion industry is an industry which is hard to crack into, however, with the right determination and attitude no one can stop you from achieving your dream.