Meeting with Claire Attard

Today we meet with Claire Attard from the blog Claire’s POV, who despite having gone through a lot of hardship in her personal life, she has found an outlet in writing articles and sharing her story, to help others going through similar situations. Although an LSA by profession, Claire Attard, 23, has always had a passion for writing and cinematography. At a young age, she was always the dreamer and creative one in her class. Growing up, she knew she could write but never really did anything to showcase her talent. After some traumatising events in her life, Claire was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression aged 22. She always knew she wanted to be a blogger, both because of her love for writing and for her desire to help others, but it wasn’t until a few attempts later that she found her true calling with lifestyle blog From Claire’s POV, which was started just months after her recovery in May 2016.

What do you think of the blogging industry in Malta?

Even though I started blogging seriously last year, I was always an avid follower of several foreign bloggers, particularly Helen Anderson and Marzia Bisognin, my absolute favourites. There are two ways you can look at blogging. Being from a small island, compared to cities like London and Paris, it makes it quite difficult for one to garner a following. However, starting from a small place can really show you the highs and lows from the very bottom, and thus being prepared for bigger, more important events. What makes blogging in Malta a good way to start is how easy it is to socialise with fellow local bloggers.

What tips would you give anyone starting in this field?

There are so many industries and interests, that really, anyone can be a blogger. However, one must first ask himself if this is what they really want to do. From there on, they can always seek advice and do their research on how their blog can really take off. Always make sure your content is carefully checked before posting, and to always update your social media to promote your posts.
However, the most important thing is to always be yourself! Nobody can do you better than, well, you! Keep your content as unique and close to your heart as you possibly can.

Finally, can bloggers really make a living out of this profession?

Definitely! If you see yourself blogging as a job, work hard and you could definitely do it. It may take weeks, months, or even years until you could blog full-time in Malta, but if you dedicate yourself 100%, and promote your blog with any means possible, it helps in kickstarting your blogging career.


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