Our Favourite Pingboard

Pinterest has been online since summer 2011.

What is it? 

It is an online space where anyone can be grouped over a virtual notice board over their preferences and in addition one can share photos, images and videos in a very simple way, with their contacts.
The name comes from the union of Pingboard and interest. It is convenient to shopping portals such as retailers of clothing products, travel sites, oenology, gastronomy, sports, etc. and can focus on these shares to give more visibility to your brand or product, thanks to photos, therefore, being an exceptional resource.

How do you register?

It is very simple indeed, you can register directly on the site or downloaded the app on your smartphone.

Why is it a success?

The main reason for the success of Pinterest is definitely the possibility of organizing bookmarks link in visual form in an easy, elegant and intuitive.
Article written by Claudia Matacena