Getting to know Hu?

Can you tell us about DWAL GODDA. How this was born and who are the team members?
Dwal Godda is a theatre troupe based in the tiny village of Gharghur which was set up back in 1970. Since then, it strives to produce innovative theatre with a community aspect often with original scripts written by its members but also by famous authors or their translations such as Profs Joe Friggieri, De Filippo, Arthur Miller, Francis Ebejer, Alan Ayckbourn, and others.
During these years, more than two hundred texts have been written to the screenplay, and this theater has grown along with us.
Have there been any previous theatrical events? Tell us about them.
Dwal Godda aims at producing 2 productions annually and sometimes even more. These 2 productions usually revolve around:
(1) the first one tied to the traditional Good Friday ‘celebrations’ in Malta where every Palm Sunday, the Gharghur church parvis is transformed into an open-air theatre and the new life is breathed into the traditional Good Friday Procession with an original theatrical production set in contemporary times;
(2) the second production is typically staged in November annually and different genres are tackled: comedy, tragedy, a mix of both and more.
Tell us about HU?
This year’s November production is an original script penned by Martin Gauci and ‘WS’. It is the troupe’s homage to William Shakespeare, this year being the 400th year since his death.
In a cave near what is known as ‘Top of the World’, a mysterious person, calling himself Wigi Scerri, can be seen roaming about; Petra, a teacher, who is trying to plan an outing there to make her lessons more interesting, makes the first encounter. The nosy busy-bodies and the media are on the alert : Why does Wi dress up as a woman ? Something is bound to happen when it seems that Wi and Petra are conniving to put up a play in the same cave – especially when two lovers and a group of musicians are already ‘feeling at home’ in the same cave.