Helping students that little bit more….

Sarah Theuma, an LSA working at primary level for the past 4 years, tells us about her experiences.
What inspired you to be an LSA? I had wanted to work with children and experience working in a school. At first I wanted to be a child carer but decided to try something more challenging.
What is the best part about your job? Seeing a child progress and also how the children brighten your day. Another great part is working within a team.
What is the worst part of your job? So far I have not seen a bad part of it. Of course each job has its ups and downs and sometimes I do feel tired but mostly it is quite satisfying.
What were your childhood dreams? As a child I always dreamt of having a family who loves me and a job that makes me happy. I also secretly dreamt of being a singer.  Obviously, not a secret anymore.
Do you feel that you have had an impact on the students that you’ve taught? If so in what way? Well as far as I know I think I did make an impact, a positive one, on some students from what some parents have told me. I am glad to make my students happy and also be able to make a change in their lives, even the tiniest change.