Uncontrollable In-Laws

On the 12th and 13th of November 2016 at 8:00PM, Upstart Productions Drama Company returns to quick-paced comedy, in Maltese, with their KUNJATI SFRENATI [Uncontrollable In-Laws], produced and directed by Jane Zammit. A nice middle-aged couple, Dan and Annie Cassar, have their world turned upside down when their bossy and unreasonable in-laws, Sarah and Victoria, both descend upon them. Annie and Dan Cassar really can’t cope. Dan, as a macho man, finds himself manipulated by his wife Annie, who uses sex to get her way. And the in-laws are uncontrollable. Soon poor Dan is quickly outnumbered by the ladies of the house. At the same time, Dan is trying desperately to dissuade suitors from wooing the kunjati. Their competition for boyfriends also adds to the chaos and keeps the audience in stiches. Even political differences enter into the fray. Yet, in all of this chaos and fun for all of us, we discern that deep down there is a great love of family. Tickets at 10 euro and a discounted rate of 7 euro for students. Call at 99421415 or email on ejclemmer@gmail.com. This comedy production will be held at Black Studio, Drama Centre, Blata l-Bajda.