Meeting with Yvonne Azzopardi

Yvonne Azzopardi is a podiatrist by profession, currently undergoing her masters degree. She started blogging just this year and enjoys fashion and what this life has to offer and her aim is to share it with everyone. 
What inspired you to get into the fashion industry?
For as long as I can remember, I have always loved dressing up. I remember when I was young I would spend hours dressing up and playing with clothes. I used to go into the store room where my mum had all her old clothes from when she was younger and I remember spending days, going through all her clothes and dressing up, “stealing” her shoes and running around with them at home. As I grew older that did not change, I would describe myself as being quite adventurous in my teenage years, always wanting to be one of the first to try out a new trend, not everyone always approved but I just loved experimenting with new styles. This holds to this day, my style changes on a daily bases depending on my mood, and I guess that is what I love about fashion, it gives me a way to express who I am and a way to be creative. 
I have had friends tell me I should start blogging for a number of years but never really got round to do up until recently. I must say I am enjoying every minute of it as for me it is a way of how to share what I love doing the most with other people. 
What do you think of the blogging industry in Malta?
I only just started in the blogging industry, but I have been following the industry for quite some time. I have noticed a rapid change in it, especially in the past few years. Now a days there are more bloggers sharing their experiences with the people out there. The industry is rapidly growing and not just in the fashion and beauty sector. 
What tips would you give someone starting in this field?
Well, first off one should ask themselves what they want their blog to represent and build upon their idea for the blog from there. One can take ideas from other bloggers, not necessarily from Malta, but also from around the world, most of my favourite bloggers who inspire me are from the US. One can also carry out some research, there is a lot of media out there about blogging. However, the most important thing, I believe, is to remain true to yourself, really bring out who you are; I believe everyone has something different to offer and that is what makes each blog interesting. 
Do you believe that bloggers can really make a living out of this profession?
I believe that although Malta is relatively small we have great talent so I say yes why not. Obviously this does not come overnight. There is a lot of hard work involved and most probably it takes a number of years but one should never give up.