A Fashion Icon – Cher

Fashion designer Gaetano Busuttil, takes us through Cher, a fashion icon, who has influenced thousands. 


She has been in the spotlight for more than 50 years and she is still working on new music. Obtaining every award, the Grammy, World Music Award, Video Music Award, etc., she surely made headlines. Nonetheless, her music video, If I Could Turn Back Time, was banned from MTV in 1989. 


With her hairdos, her music and most of all her outrageous fashion . She started out with her straight black hair and bell bottoms which are making a big comeback in Autumn 2017.


In the 70s, Cher tested the fashion industry, with feathers, leotards, leather, metal and big hair. These were mostly designed by her friend Bob Mackie.


In the 80s, it was once again, big hair and fishnets maybe the most iconic is her turn back time outfit! 


In the 90s, she gave us disco music, which might have been the turning point, to establish her as one of the biggest gay icons!